Learning to “Office Anywhere”


Hello Folks!

Today’s lesson is how to “Office Anywhere”!

Lesson 1: Don’t give a damn what others think of you.
Today’s “Office Anywhere” comes from a Toyota dealership. All of us (who have vehicles) will invariably have to do the long dealership visit where it literally takes ALL DAY to do the vehicle care. That is the case today. Though I will say that our our coverage was good enough that Taylor Parker kindly wrote off the small amount that we would’ve otherwise paid for a rental car so I could do some tasks around town. It came in quite handy.

So once I got the stickers and badges printed for this weekends Hacking Convention type deal, (National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competion – http://www.nationalccdc.org) they kindly let me take over a corner desk in the waiting area to do my work.

Not only that, but I am also running the entire business for the Company I work for while my Boss is on vacation for the next 2 weeks. Go me! Just kidding, I am actually terrified of burning his business to the ground. *tremble tremble* However, with that said, everyone I normally don’t work with have been super nice and welcoming.

No one has bothered me, and I’ve even gotten to pet a couple happy balls of fluff, always a bonus. I mean come on, go to work AND get to play with strangers dogs!

While my choice in foodstuffs hasn’t been the day… DON’T JUDGE ME! I am fed quite healthy at home. This is a ME day and damn-it, I am going to enjoy myself! (all the way up to when my body demands penance for my poor food choices…)

Lesson 2: Be Respectful while not giving any Fucks.
Now there in lies the rub. How to be respectful while not giving a damn. It’s actually quite simple. Keep your work area clean. Don’t overspread to your neighbors area. Keep a trash bag, even if they have a trash can by the desk. It’s not polite to stink up the place with your leftover trash when you leave. A good travel motto is: “Pack it in, Pack it out.” or “Leave no Trace”.

Lesson 3: Have a good time!
Just because you are working doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself! (Unless you’re on a restricted site, but that’s a whole other bowl of apples.) Even if my laptop were on restriction to what I could do on it, I could just plug my headset into my phone and listen / watch my entertainment that way.

Lesson 4: Don’t be NOISY!!!
No one likes a rude noise maker who listens to their devices loud enough for others to hear uninvited. I may look silly with my huge headphones on my head, but it keeps the unwanted noise out, and the wanted noise in. It also makes me deliciously anti-social against folks who would otherwise invade my delicate bubble of comfort.

Well, I think I have come to the end of my random thought bubble… Join me next time I am out… Pillin Around!

PS: Please excuse the wavy chaos of the image compliments of my iPhone… the panorama did not like scrolling past the computer.

  1. Nathalie Gélinas says

    Hey EVILRZK, good to see you around! Totally awesome article, with fair advice that people should indeed follow while on the move with their travelling office. Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to read your next article!

    1. EvilRZK says

      Ohayo Oneesama!!!

      I hope you and Sunshine are both doing well! Thank you for the comment!! Today is the Cyber *cough*Hacking*cough* Competition and none of us know for sure what we got into, so I’m sure there will be a blog on it later! Thank you for taking part in my communication with the world!!


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